Image result for motivation HD Images“The long-term success of a relationship depends far more on avoiding the negative than on seeking the positive”. John Gottman

“If snakes didn’t bite, they would be used to tie firewood” African proverb

“Be kind to unkind people. They need it the most. Ashleigh Brilliant

“Be nice to people on your way u because one day you will meet them on your way down.” ~ Wilson Mizner

Ten things I wish I studied at university
1.  Personal finance
2.  Problem solving
3.  Critical thinking
4.  Writing skills
5.  Public speaking
6.  Managing successful relationships
7.  Negotiation
8.  Practical business skills
9.  Emotional intelligence
10. Managing people

Ten Things I Wish You Today

1.FOCUS (Follow One Course Until Successful)
2. To be FAT (Faithful, Available and Teachable) at work
3. Knowing how to identify your opportunities and utilize them instantly
4. Knowing how to bridge the divide between decision making and execution
5. Stable relationships (by playing your part very well, especially through listening and communication)
6. Knowledge to identify true friends and avoid time wasters